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We offer development services across the entire product lifecycle.

What we do

As a premier IT Solutions company, Maestro Technologies Inc. specializes in automation, system integration and consulting services, and e-commerce solutions.

Our management team consists of highly experienced professionals who have an understanding of the fast changing IT industry. We have the unique insight to create innovative solutions that improve productivity, increase service levels and advance the benefits of applying information technology to solve the key business needs of our clients. We are known for our flexibility in relationships with our clients.

We at Maestro believe that success requires more than just a good strategy. It takes practical "know-how", deep specialization and an ability to deliver. Together, we bring in the business expertise needed to ensure extra-ordinary value to YOU, our clients.

Our Solutions

We offer development services across the entire product lifecycle.

Application & product development

Big-data infrastructure analysis

Data analytics

Test, maintenance and support

Strategic staffing

Mission Statement

To become the preferred provider of quality services and solutions, and assist our clients in accomplishing their goals while fostering long term relationships and a culture of mutual trust and integrity.

We accomplish this by providing opportunities to attract and retain world class talent and resources, allowing them to be innovative and reach to their full potential by cultivating an environment of freedom, mutual dignity and respect.

Alliances & Partnerships

Maestro stays on the cutting edge of technological solutions and innovations. Our powerful partnerships are market-driven and with organizations whose products and services complement our own service offerings. Maestro’s strategic alliances, technology partners and authorized service partners are with best of the breed giving us the ability to provide our clients with complete IT solutions. Maestro has teamed with the leaders in technology to provide enterprises with the best components and solutions for their individual needs.


Global Delivery Model

Maestro's global delivery model is the engine that allows us to provide reliable, scalable and cost effective delivery of services and solutions.This model enables our clients to choose a sourcing strategy that is best suited to their business considerations, e.g., cost optimization, cultural alignment, location proximity, language capabilities and risk-mitigation.

All of Maestro's processes and infrastructure have been developed from the ground up, and are modular to allow flexibility in the management of each engagement. Our Global Delivery Model consists of 3 integrated components:

  • Global Workforce
  • Integrated Processes
  • Multi-Tiered Infrastructure

Resource Team

Having the right team with the right mix of skills and experience is crucial for any successful project delivery. Maestro, with over 23 years of service experience, has a rich pool of global talent; which is not only experienced, but highly proactive and customer-focused. We thoroughly screen our resources and insist on the passing of a well-defined interview processes, prior to hiring. Our team members strive to deliver quality solutions meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Shadow Resources

To ensure business continuity and retain knowledge, Maestro provides "Shadow Resources" as a part of our Best Practices. "Shadow Resources" are contributing members of the team, allowing flexibility in team size, without the investment of ramp-up time. In most cases, they are non-billable client resources. However, they can also be available to back fill core team members when needed.

Knowledge Base / Wikis

Documenting and sharing knowledge is a best practice followed and strongly recommended by Maestro. At all stages of the project Maestro resources will document their findings and have it reviewed by the Client. The process or system documentation is updated and stored in the Maestro "SystemDocWiki".

The SystemDocWiki is an online source of System Documentation, which preserves the life of the documentation. As an online repository, the information is easily searchable, updated frequently, and is easily dissected.


Governance Meetings, which are high-level project overview meetings, are regularly scheduled with management from both Maestro and the participating Client. Governance meetings are at their most effective when the information presented is metric-based. This allows management to track trends over time, measure performance, and keep the discussion at a project-wide level.

Governance meetings are also a forum for raising and discussing project-wide issues. Maestro prefers to present Governance monthly, in which the Maestro Vice President, Engagement Manager, Account Manager, and Offshore Delivery Manager will participate. It is recommended that any Executive Sponsors and Department Managers participate from the Client. Maestro has found that these meeting are critical in order to keep the lines of communication open on the project, and participation from the right individuals from the Client is integral to its success.

The Six Pillars

1 Our Value Levers

2 Cost Conscious Innovative Solutions

3 Achieve Results Through Best Practices

4 Hiring and Retaining Professional Excellence

5 Dedication to Collaboration and Teamwork

6 Extraordinary Commitment to Quality & Integrity of Resources


Global Delivery Model - Our global delivery model allows us to provide reliable, scalable & cost effective solutions. Our strengths include the following three integrated components:

  • Global Workforce
  • Integrated Process
  • Multi-Tiered Infrastructure

Resource Team - With over 23 years of experience Maestro has a global network that we utilize for our clients to not only offer the right resources but talent that is best of breed.

Shadow Resources - We believe in continuity plans. To protect our clients and ensure on timely deliveries,Maestro provides resources who are non billable, however working behind the scenes ensuring that the work always gets done on time.

Knowledge Base / Wikis - Knowledge transfer is constant at Maestro. We ensure all processes related to the project are clearly defined and saved in our documentation management systems (System Doc Wiki)

Governance - Governance meetings are regularly scheduled to ensure transparency and with the processes in place, project-wide issues are addressed at the earliest, to remove blockages if any.

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