We help companies reach their information technology objectives quickly.

Technology Consulting Services

Maestro’s consulting services are aimed at providing accelerated execution path to our clients. Maestro’s consulting services help companies reach their information technology objectives quickly, efficiently and in line with their budget. We keep a team of well trained professionals with system integration, management, database and system administration experience so as to tailor the needs of the clients looking for individuals with growing needs of project, support or development environments. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time can give you an edge over your competition. If your competition does it better, they'll have an edge over you. To help swing the odds in your favour, you'll need a partner. A partner who knows as much as you do about managing global processes of your business. Outsourcing with Maestro lets you do what you do best. When you're searching for solutions to business-critical problems, you can feel every second slip away. That's why it's time to let Maestro provide the solution to your needs.

We focus on helping bridge the strategy-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature and industry-specific consulting solutions. Maestro consulting provides clients with targeted solutions to address key business challenges and to achieve specific outcomes in rapid timeframes.

Maestro is a thought leader with seasoned team of consultants who have deep understanding of ITIL and industry wide varied IT landscape. Our consulting focus areas are:

IT Planning, Design and Implementation Solutions

  • Application Architecture Services
  • IT Service Management Services
  • Infrastructure Architecture Services

Project & Program Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Business Management

Professional Skills:

  • Improve Time to Market
  • IT Governance
  • Improve IT service productivity and quality
  • Measure IT effectiveness within Business landscape
  • Turnkey Solutions

Technical Consulting:

  • Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Consulting and Administration (Oracle, Sybase)
  • Systems Consulting and Administration (NT, UNIX, VM, MVS)
  • Network Consulting and Administration
  • Conversions and Migrations

Quality Assurance

  • Maestro offers a complete suite of QA services to support current and future needs of our clients

Other Services

  • Product Testing
  • Documentation
  • Computer Operations
  • DataCenter Management
  • Training

Staffing Solutions

Maestro Technologies staffing solutions help executives focus on their core business while filling the gaps in their business, technology and testing teams. Our full-service, cross functional staffing services give you the freedom to hand-pick technical talent from a very qualified and competitive pool of resources.

By being adept and responsive to the needs of our client, we help them save enormous amounts of labor costs. Clients specifically solicit our services to augment or ramp-up their existing staffing, thus eliminating gaps in their manpower planning. Our staffing services are retained by leading marquee IT firms. Our talent pool consists of certified specialists having experience in various consulting and engineering roles. Additionally, our practices comply with all statutory and regulatory compliances, making our solutions even more hassle-free and very employer-friendly.

Staffing Insights

Maestro also maintains resource-rich training centers to keep abreast with new expertise and trends. These training programs aim at enhancing personal effectiveness through leadership and innovation. This value addition helps our resources gain sufficient soft skills and the business knowledge of IT- which often is missing in the technology industry - making our consultants very well-versed and proficient in all round business practices.


Testing takes about 40% time in any software development project. With the need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a critical integral part of the SDLC and a specialized function in itself. With end-to-end service testing capabilities across a variety of industries and products, Maestro’s capabilities extend from traditional system and regression testing to complex services such as testing of point-of-sale machines, embedded systems.


  • Test Strategy Definition
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Automation Engineering


  • Functional Testing
  • System (Integration)Testing

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