Using agile and lean processes, we develop, deliver and support the entire life cycle of these data driven applications from the inception to the production.

We help and guide our clients solve problems at scale, leveraging the tools and technologies from the vast Big Data ecosystem. This could be batch oriented; near real-time or real-time.

With a deep expertise and vast experience, we have been successful in implementing Big Data solutions with a reduced TCO and a rapid ROI.

Data Analytics

With more information in structured, semi-structured and unstructured data format coming from internal business systems as well as external sources like social media and market data. Recent observation shows that many organizations struggle to manage data’s exploding volume, diversity and complexity.

Maestro provides a range of analytics services from basic data management to sophisticated analytics consulting addressing proactive risk management, enhanced operational efficiency, ongoing market intelligence, and as a result, smarter decisions that drive cost reduction and revenue maximization.

Maestro offers a range of analytics solutions for a few select industries.

Financial Services

  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Customer Management

Digital Transformation

Maestro’s Big Data solution experts can work with your company to transform your digital capabilities. Digital leaders are actively managing the constant shift in technology and their customers’ needs to drive the best digital strategy for their organization.

Maestro helps companies identify opportunities for innovation and stay competitive. Customer expectations are rising and businesses need to stay fresh or risk losing valuable customers to their competitors. Maestro’s Digital Transformation solutions and services can help companies identify the gaps in their strategy and invest in the best open technologies, offering key insights to drive digital strategy.