Posted on November 06, 2018

Digital Transformation for Banking: Journey from vision to value

Banking executives are looking at embracing digital technologies into the very fabric of their business operations. This paper looks into the digital evolution of banking industry, current challenges and the road ahead. A value management based methodology is recommended to help executives drive Digital Transformation initiatives and realize business benefits on an ongoing basis.

Posted on November 02, 2018

Building Recommender Systems with Hadoop

Machine generated recommendations have become a part of our digital life. While we use the internet, we leave a footprint, a digital trail so as to say, which is picked up or tracked by a lot of companies. Using this data, search engines are trying to suggest terms while we do searches on internet, ecommerce portals try to recommend items and so on. Recommendation engines or recommender systems have applicability in all software verticals and domains; ecommerce, recruitment portals, social networks, financials, search, news and advertisement and the list goes on. This whitepaper outlines the approach for implementing a (hybrid) recommendation engine on Hadoop ecosystem.