What we do in DevOps Consulting Services

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Our DevOps integration strategy helps enterprises to have readiness and Technology Capabilities for DevOps tools, DevOps Implementation and DevOps Migration.

Continuous Delivery Solutions

DevOps Solutions enables Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Microservices and Serverless Computing on Docker, Kubernetes, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

DevOps Monitoring Solutions

Maestro’s Devops Monitoring Solutions is powered by Log analytics and Mining with Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

DevOps For Big Data and Data Science

Maestro provides Dataops and DevOps Solutions for Continuous Delivery of Big Data analytics Infrastructure and Data science, Deep Learning and machine learning using Docker and Kubernetes.

Enterprise DevOps Solutions and Services

Enterprise Devops Solutions with its faster collaboration, efficiency increasing approach helps in enhancing the automation and architecture Models in the following areas

  • Devops Tooling for Automation
  • DevOps Intelligence with Analytics
  • Integrating DevOps with Security – DevSecOps
  • DevOps Build and Release Automation – Faster Release Cycle
  • Cloud Native Transformation
  • Continuous Architecture for Applications

DevOps Automation

Automation in DevOps starts right from environment configuration to application monitoring. This process involves creating an end to end framework for automated code commit and deployment. Maestro’s automation strategy helps to remove dependency, increase reliability and efficient deployment.

DevOps Intelligence

DevOps and Artificial Intelligence help teams to deliver and deploy business operations more efficiently and make software delivery process faster. The benefits of enabling DevOps intelligence are faster release cycles, higher quality software and correlation of data across platforms.

DevOps Enabling Infrastructure Automation

This automation enables and promotes the following benefits

  • Improves reliability

  • Improves continuous integration

  • Improves continuous delivery process

  • Improves productivity

  • Change Management is Easy